What is TACC TV?

An online competitive tactics game in pre-alpha.

Players manage teams of four customized athletes to battle for supremacy in the Tactical Action Combat Championship -- the TACC.

Revitalized Tactics

The tactics genre has been recreated in the modern era by taking strong strategic gameplay and adding a full PvP online matchmaking system.

It’s tactics like you’ve never seen before!

Team customization

There are tens of thousands of character combinations. You have complete control over their stats and class, what gear and weapon they bring into battle, and which skills and abilities they use.

Win with YOUR perfect team.

Personalized Skill Trees

Build each athlete's skill tree by assigning abilities that unlock as they level up in battle. Create your own playstyle by choosing early skills and overwhelming your opponents, or decide to play for the late game and save up your abilities for the final fight.

With over 50 skills for each of five classes, any strategy can be the one to win the TACC!

Game modes

Post Alpha

New content and additions are planned for post-alpha!

  • More stages!
  • More gear!
  • More game modes!
  • Item and gear shop!
  • Ranking system!
  • ...and more!